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Product Code : 24132 SHAHRAZAD TEENS BR.
Standards; - Melamine Laminated hardboard, - PVC Edge cover, - ABS handles, - Soft closable rail and hinge system.
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- Melamine Laminated (18mm) hardboard,

- PVC Edge cover,

- ABS/metal handles,

- All soft & self closable rail and hinge system.

- All modular & dismounted units in to the  flat cardboard packaging.

- Simple installation with installation guide.

7years warranty against manufacture defect.

- All our products have made with E1 (Formaldehyde Emission) certified raw materials. We protect your loved ones and your health.



- MDF board is optional according to clients order.

- Special dimensions, adding-changes to property of units (4 or 5 doors wardrobes, bigger nightstands, dressers etc.) are possible according your clients preferred.

- Basic standard sets may changes according your clients spectrum. Different standard sets can be created by the elements.

- Minimum order one 20" container. (approximately 20-30 standard sets).

- 20" Container may contain mixed models.


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